Zubair Safdar is a multiple award-winning photographer whose work has been published in local and international media and displayed in multiple photography galleries and exhibitions. 

Zubair has won several awards and declared Finalist in major and prominent local and international photography competitions like HIPA, Epson International Pano Awards, Nikon, Panasonic Lumix etc. His images have been published in National Geographic, local newspapers and magazines and Featured on popular photography portals. Zubair has displayed his work at multiple local exhibitions and galleries.

Coming from a family full of creative talent, Zubair feels that photography is his form of expressing creativity. He feels very inspired by the power of photography to bring happiness to people's lives and catalyse change in the world. This passion brings him a lot of personal joy, relaxation and purpose in life.

By profession, he is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. He is based in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE while his origin is from Mahdi Bagh in Nagpur, a beautiful green city in the central region of India.

Deeply passionate about photography, he has been capturing innumerable beautiful moments of life since the good old film days. A Kodak 120mm pinhole camera his dad bought him for a family holiday trip installed the photography bug in him.

Being an outdoors loving person, Zubair loves shooting stunning landscapes and nature. He likes his photographs to be a statement in beauty and color. During his many travels to exciting places around the world, he has developed a keen liking for shooting panoramic images. Practicing and collaborating with fellow local and international photographers has tremendously honed his skills and given him immense satisfaction in creating beautiful images of a lovely country and an amazing world

He is the Founder of ‘Photography for Beginners’ a highly successful and very active Facebook group with around 9000 members from across the world. He regularly conducts photography workshops, presentations and photo tours for various groups and institutions to share his knowledge, inculcate the passion and spread the learning. Zubair has volunteered as official photographer for past several years for global causes like Earth Hour.

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