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The Epson International PANO Awards 2017 - World's Top Competition for Panoramic Photography (Epson Pano Awards)

BRONZE Award 2017 - Professional Competition
BRONZE Award 2017 - Amateur Competition

In the Built Environment / Architecture Category
Competition Statistics - Entries from 71 Countries, 2831 Open entries, 2380 Amateur entries, 5377 overall entries, 1322 Photographers
2017-Epson-Pano-Awards-Open-Bronze763O-BE_Zubair-Safdar_Golden-Mihrab-and-The-Qibla-WallPano-7632017-Epson-Pano-Awards-Amateur-Bronze356A-BE_Zubair-Safdar_Golden-Mihrab-and-The-Qibla-WallPano-356Zubair-Epson Pano Awards-2017O-LN_Zubair-Safdar_Spectacular-Wular-LakeA-LN_Zubair-Safdar_Sunset-at-Dal-Lake

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