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Off Road History Museum - Al Madam, Sharjah, UAE

Off Road History museum is the world’s largest museum of its kind! The perfect destination for Off-Road fanatics, it’s just where history and creativity of H. H Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, also known as "The Rainbow Sheikh", meet in one place, with a collection of almost 400 vehicles (displayed in 3 sections) that marked the history of this pattern, including the world’s largest SUV (Dhabiyan), a 4x bigger Jeep Wrangler scale model at the entrance and many other insane creations.

The indoor part of the museum is in three sections: 1) Modified and "General" vehicles, 2) Military vehicles, 3) Historic vehicles. The buildings are huge housing the hundreds of exhibits. The exhibits are all labelled with model name, place of origin and both specific date of manufacture and date range for the model.
Off Road History Museum - Al Madam, Sharjah, UAEMain Entrance GateOffRoadMuseum-2041OffRoadMuseum-2039OffRoadMuseum-2042OffRoadMuseum-2045OffRoadMuseum-2046OffRoadMuseum-2049OffRoadMuseum-2048OffRoadMuseum-2054Nissan Patrol 2011 117 HPOffRoadMuseum-2059OffRoadMuseum-2061OffRoadMuseum-2062OffRoadMuseum-2063Nissan Ghdab 2008 133 HPNissan 2006 120 HPFord Fayhan Super Duty 2016 282 HPFord Excursion 2005 310 HPFord Excursion 2005 310 HP

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