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I love my off-roading trips - the thrill and adventure is a lot of fun. Wadi bashing, Dune bashing, trekking, hiking, swimming, four wheel driving and much more...

I am available for hire if you need a professional photographer to cover your solo or group off-roading adventures
Outdoors in Wadi ShawkaWadiKoobHDR1-3231-33WadiShawka-HDR-5381-85RAKDesert-Picnic-2183On the Yas BeachWadiShawka-Dec15-0738WadiShawka-Dec15-0843WadiKoob-0387WadiShowka-5279Camping in Maleha Desert - SharjahMalehaDesertHDR-2648-HattaPools2013-1070570

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